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Module 1
Learning Objectives
Common Fractions 1
Common Fractions 2
Common Fractions 3
Common Fractions 4
Multiplication of Fractions
Dividing Common Fractions
Multpilying Decimals 1
Multpilying Decimals 2
Dividing Decimals
Ratios <<
Proportions 1
Proportions 2
Module 2
Learning Objectives
Metric Weight Conversions
Apothecary Weight Conversions
Weight 1
Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 1
Conversion by Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 1
Liquid Volume Conversions 2
Liquid Volume Conversions 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 4
Liquid Volume Conversions 5
Medication Administration 1
Medication Administration 2
Medication Administration 3
Medication Administration 4
Medication Administration 5
Medication Administration 6
Dosage Calculation 1
Dosage Calculation 2
Dosage Calculation 3
Dosage Calculation 4
Dosage Calculation 5
Dosage Calculation 6
Module 3
Learning Objectives
Tubing Calculation
IV Flow Rate
Intravenous Therapy 1
Intravenous Therapy 2
Intravenous Therapy 3
Intravenous Therapy 4
Intravenous Therapy 5
Intravenous Therapy 6
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    A ratio. or two numbers related to one another, can be separated by a colon, 1:40, or written as a fraction, 1/40. Ratios are commonly used to indicate the weight or strength of a medication in a capsule or tablet.

    Example: 125:1 capsule or 125/1 capsule

    Reminder: ratios are used to express medication dosages in liquid medications, both injectable and oral solutions. The ratio indicates the weight or strength of the medication in a specific volume of solution.

    Example: 2 mL: 60 mg or 2mL/60 mg

    In other words: 2mL contains 60 mg of the prescribed medication.

    Review: Now you try to write out the appropriate ratio.

    An injectable solution which contains 125mg in each 0.6 mL

    Write Ratio Here: mg mL   Check Answers

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