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Module 1
Learning Objectives
Common Fractions 1
Common Fractions 2
Common Fractions 3
Common Fractions 4
Multiplication of Fractions <<
Dividing Common Fractions
Multpilying Decimals 1
Multpilying Decimals 2
Dividing Decimals
Proportions 1
Proportions 2
Module 2
Learning Objectives
Metric Weight Conversions
Apothecary Weight Conversions
Weight 1
Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 1
Conversion by Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 1
Liquid Volume Conversions 2
Liquid Volume Conversions 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 4
Liquid Volume Conversions 5
Medication Administration 1
Medication Administration 2
Medication Administration 3
Medication Administration 4
Medication Administration 5
Medication Administration 6
Dosage Calculation 1
Dosage Calculation 2
Dosage Calculation 3
Dosage Calculation 4
Dosage Calculation 5
Dosage Calculation 6
Module 3
Learning Objectives
Tubing Calculation
IV Flow Rate
Intravenous Therapy 1
Intravenous Therapy 2
Intravenous Therapy 3
Intravenous Therapy 4
Intravenous Therapy 5
Intravenous Therapy 6
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Multiplication of Common Fractions

    Multiplying fractions is quite simple! There are three easy steps to remember when calculating medication dosages.

    First: Reduce the fraction if it is possible.

    Second: Multiply the numerators and then the denominators

    Third: Divide the remaining fraction to state the answer as a decimal number. Express the answer to the nearest tenth.

    Review: Now you give it a try!

    Instructions: On a piece of paper or in your head, calculate the following problem. Click on the correct answer below which will allow you to go to the next page.

    2/7 x 8/4 =

    A. 0.24
    B. 0.56
    C. 0.6
    D. 0.8

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