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Module 2: Introduction

    Wow! Congratulations! You successfully completed Module One and now you are ready to move on to the cool learning environment of Module Two!

    Did you know that the three systems of measurement used for measuring medications and solutions are the metric, apothecary, and household? Actually, the metric system was developed by a group of French scientists during the Napoleonic reign at the end of the 18th Century.Then in 1866, the US Congress legalized the use of the metric system in this country. The scientific community gladly accepted this standard of measurement from its inception. The metric system was originally based on a decimal system (powers of 10). This module will visually explain the different systems of measurement!

    The apothecary system originated in Greece back in the Middle Ages, but it was soon adopted by the British during the 1600s. Yes, the Colonists brought this system of measurement with them when they traveled to America. The units of measurement may seem a bit weird to you, but I bet you can guess where the term "grain" came from! Yes, you are correct! The term was developed from the weight of a "grain" of wheat! It is not necessary to know what kind of wheat, just remember it is a "standard" of measurement! I guess we are no longer really interested in the weight of a "grain" of wheat, because this system of measurement is slowly being replaced by the metric system. But be aware, some physicians are holding on to this system of measurement and will write prescriptions using this ancient system of measurement! Therefore, you need to put on your farmerís hat and learn the apothecary facts!

    The household system of measurement is a convenient method of measurement for clients living at home. Do you remember when your mother or father gave you a teaspoon of cough medicine? Or did you ever help measure a tablespoon of medicine for one of your sick pets? Well, since many of you may find yourself working with clients in their homes, it is necessary to know the household system of units!

    It is really easy to convert from one system of measurement to another system! Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the module. Are you ready to learn and review? Letís give it a try!

    Ooops! I almost forgot! Also, we will look at medication labels and methods used to calculate medication dosages! Hang in there ...the fun is about to begin!