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Module 1
Learning Objectives
Common Fractions 1
Common Fractions 2
Common Fractions 3
Common Fractions 4
Multiplication of Fractions
Dividing Common Fractions
Multpilying Decimals 1
Multpilying Decimals 2
Dividing Decimals
Proportions 1
Proportions 2
Module 2
Learning Objectives
Metric Weight Conversions
Apothecary Weight Conversions
Weight 1
Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 1
Conversion by Weight 2
Conversion by Weight 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 1
Liquid Volume Conversions 2
Liquid Volume Conversions 3
Liquid Volume Conversions 4
Liquid Volume Conversions 5
Medication Administration 1
Medication Administration 2
Medication Administration 3
Medication Administration 4
Medication Administration 5
Medication Administration 6
Dosage Calculation 1
Dosage Calculation 2
Dosage Calculation 3
Dosage Calculation 4
Dosage Calculation 5
Dosage Calculation 6
Module 3
Learning Objectives
Tubing Calculation
IV Flow Rate
Intravenous Therapy 1
Intravenous Therapy 2
Intravenous Therapy 3
Intravenous Therapy 4
Intravenous Therapy 5
Intravenous Therapy 6
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Module 3: Quiz

    Directions: Please choose the correct answer for each question below.
    1. A physician orders 100 micrograms (mcg) of Fentanyl and then orders 2.5 mg of Midazolam IV push. The pharmacist provides you with Midazolam 5 mg/ 5 mL. IV direct infusion is not to exceed 2 mg/ 1 minute (min). What is the minimum amount of time in which you may IV push this medication?
    a) 1.0 min
    b) 1.5 min
    c) 2.0 min
    d) 5.0 min
    2. A medical doctor orders Phenergan 12.5 mg IV whenever necessary (PRN) for nausea and vomiting. The pharmacist provides you with Phenergan 50 mg / 1 mL in a glass ampoule. How much Phenergan will you draw up with a filter needle?
    a) 0.25 mL
    b) 0.5 mL
    c) 1.0 mL
    d) 2.5 mL
    3. A physician's order is to administer 0.4 mL Polytrim Ophthalmic Solution to the client's left eye (O.S.) every day (qd). How many drops (gtt) will you instill into the client's O.S. qd? (1 mL = 15 gtt)
    a) 3 gtt
    b) 4 gtt
    c) 5 gtt
    d) 6 gtt
    A patient is to receive an IV normal saline (0.9%) solution of 475-mL over a period of 1 hour. The IV drop factor is 15 drops (gtt) per 1 mL. How many gtt per minute would you calculate?
    a) 117 gtt
    b) 119 gtt
    c) 122 gtt
    d) 125 gtt
    5. A medical doctor orders 25,000 units (u) of Heparin diluted in 500 mL of Dextrose 5% water (D5W) to infuse at 700 u / 1 hour (hr). The dose will be how many mL per hr?
    a) 10.0 mL/hr
    b) 12.0 mL/hr
    c) 14.0 mL/hr
    d) 15.0 mL/hr
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