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Videos :: Lecturettes

    The following lecturettes are available on video in QuickTime™ format. These videos are relatively large, so if you are accessing this course using a dial-up connection you may need to wait several minutes for the videos to load. Thank you for your patience!

    Video Topic Link to Video
    Disorders of Cellular Development Open Video
    Congenital Defects & Neoplasia Open Video
    Inflammation, Immunity & Related Disorders Open Video
    Musculoskeletal & Integumentary Disorders Open Video
    Disorders of Pain & Thermoregulation Open Video
    Neurological Disorders Open Video
    Disorders of Fluid & Electrolyte Balance Open Video
    Renal, Urinary & Reproductive Diorders Open Video
    Cardiovascular Diorders Part 1 Open Video
    Cardiovascular Diorders Part 2 Open Video
    Ventillation Diorders Open Video
    Disorders of the G. I. System Open Video
    Hepatic Disorders & Hemetological Pathology Open Video